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Illness and Accident

If a pupil is taken ill or has an accident in school, it is very important for the school to be able to contact a parent or relative immediately. If this is not possible, the school will contact the pupil’s doctor and if necessary make arrangements for the child to be taken to hospital.

Head Lice

Responsibility for checking children’s hair now rests with the parents – staff are not permitted to check children’s heads. Please check your child’s head on a regular weekly basis.


In the interests of health and safety medicines and tablets must not be brought for coughs and colds. If it is necessary for a child to receive prescribed medicine during the school day parents must sign the appropriate consent form. If a child needs regular medication for conditions such as epilepsy or asthma the medication may by kept by the head teacher or school clerk. If your
child uses an inhaler or has an epi-pen please inform the class teacher and administration officer.

Infectious Disease

If a child is diagnosed with an infectious disease or contagious infection, such as, chicken pox or conjunctivitis the child is not to attend until the infection has cleared.


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