Our Foundation Phase pupils (Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) and Junior pupils at Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6) are taught in single age range classes.

Our pupils with hearing impairment are taught primarily within the specialist teaching area and included with their mainstream peers for sessions which are appropriate to meet each individual child’s needs. Some pupils are fully included with their mainstream peers.

We plan the delivery of the Core Subjects of Maths, English, Science and I.C.T. (Information Communication Technology) using agreed teaching strategies and Schemes of Work.

A wide range of published teaching materials support our teaching in addition to teacher generated resources.

We place an emphasis on the development of Key Skills (Literacy, Numeracy, I.C.T and Co-operative Working) across the curriculum. Developing speaking and listening, thinking and problem solving skills are a vital part of our work with the children.

Our I.C.T. Strategic Plan governs our work in this important area of the children’s education.

The whole school participates in work on an ‘Environmental Theme’ promoting recycling waste products and utilising the two beautiful nature reserves which we have created – Coed Grange Woodland Trail and Forest School/Pond Nature Reserve.

Our library which is open to teachers, pupils and parents houses a wealth of reference and fiction materials to suit all tastes.

The foundation subjects of Geography, History, and Art are taught using a thematic approach where appropriate or as discrete ‘units’ ensuring equality of access to the National Curriculum for all pupils. Subjects are taught in different ways depending on the nature of the subject content to be covered e.g., we teach History using a four year rolling programme which will ensure that all the Y3 to Y6 pupils study the theme at some point during the year at a level appropriate for their age. We teach some subjects using a two year alternating Scheme of Work ensuring that pupils in combined age range classes do not repeat work already covered. We teach some subjects by Year group. We employ ‘team teaching’ where appropriate.

At both Foundation Phase and Junior Levels we see ‘Learning to Read’ and ‘Extending Reading Skills’ as high priorities and therefore we would appreciate parental support in these areas on a regular basis.

Spelling is taught using the ‘First Steps Approach’ based on the individual identification of words to learn rather than class/group lists. Spelling patterns and strategies are taught to the whole class during teaching sessions and the children use ‘Spelling Journals’ to help them record words they need to learn engaging in games and activities which support the learning of spelling in an imaginative and enjoyable manner. The children work in pairs and groups engaging in short, carefully focussed tests to check progress. We recommend that the children learn to spell using the ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ method.

Sport/Physical Activities

  • All pupils participate in weekly P.E. sessions exploring a wide range of physical activities in our spacious and well equipped hall with additional support for pupils with physical, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties to enable them to enjoy physical activities safely.
  • Additional sessions of physical activities are provided for pupils in Early Years and Infant Classes to develop gross motor skills.
  • Outdoor play sessions for younger pupils using the ‘Adventure Play Area’ provides further physical activity.
  • All Junior pupils participate in team games sessions and they are able to enjoy after school football, rugby/cricket and netball/rounders activities often playing friendly inter-school matches.
  • Our upper Junior children and older hearing impaired pupils participate in weekly swimming sessions in The Wales National Pool at Swansea University during the Autumn and Spring Terms.
  • Specialist tuition is provided in a variety of areas e.g. dance, drama, hockey, athletics, short tennis, dragon sports, etc.
  • Sports Day held in the Summer Term is a very special day to share with our parents – we hold Nursery, Foundation Phase and Junior events.